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Exclusive Interview: Our Junior Giant


Over pork chops and milk, I got the chance to sit down and talk with this new Junior Giant and ask some hard hitting questions.  He was eager to talk to me about baseball the night before his first game.

What’s your favorite part about baseball?DSC_0121

Getting a home run and not getting tagged and getting all the bases.

What’s the trickiest part about baseball?

Hitting with a metal bat.

Tell me more about becoming a baseball player. What do you need to do?

You need to practice A LOT. Like, a lot.

I paused because I couldn’t think of questions fast enough. He was really digging this interview thing.

What else do you want to ask me?

More pausing as I try to think of more questions.

Ok, yes – tell me about your coaches. What do they do?DSC_0127

Oh, guess what? They don’t say bottom – they say butt. (Laughs.) Like when we warm up. It just cracks me up.

And what about your teammates?

I always like to make James laugh. Hey Mom, what would happen if a chicken comes waddling into our baseball game? (Uncontrollable laughter.) Did you write that down?

Yes, I wrote that down. So, what type of equipment and gear do baseball players need?

Eli: Uh, balls…bats…bases…oh, and a water bottle.DSC_0155

Dad: Something for your hand?

Eli: Oh yeah, a glove.

Dad: Something to protect your parts?

Fin: Pants!

I pause again as I try to think of more questions. This is the longest sports interview of my life. Eli lounges back in his chair.

Do you have any other questions?

Yes, a couple more.

Ok, good.

Who would win in a baseball game – the Autobots or the Decepticons?DSC_0213

(Laughs) Autobots

Separatists or the Rebels?

Rebels!  They would blow up the ball with their x-wing.

How are you feeling about the game tomorrow?

The White Sharks are going to win!


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