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First Snow


It was a date weekend to Seattle. Just me and Eli. Great Grandma was turning 80! And we were able to be there. I had this far-fetched scheme that Eli would interview Great Grandma for her birthday. We’d go over to her condo and he’d eagerly ask her questions as she – just as eagerly – would anticipate the next inquiry. But the 52 hours got away from us. And before I knew it I was sitting on an airplane in an orgami-like position heading home and trying to keep my drooling, dead-to-the-world 5-year-old from snuggling up to our seatmate. Not even a picture of the two of them.

I got a picture of the cake.  (This is very important to a 5-year-old.)


And a picture of Eli after two pieces of cake, one cookie and not nearly enough sleep. He could barely hold still for a picture.  Attempting to gather 80 balloons is quite a task.


But I got lots of pictures of his first time experiencing snow.



And Snowy the Snowman.



And his first snowball fight with Grandma.





Attempting to dodge Grandma’s snowballs by going low.


Attempting to dodge Grandma’s snowballs by going left.




And when he came inside with soaked pants, snow down his coat and bright red cheeks, he had huge elephant tears running down his face. “What’s wrong,” I said. “It’s Snowy. She’s going to melt away and I’m never going to see her again. I love her soooo much. I don’t want her to melt,” he sobbed. Hot chocolate temporarily made the tears subside as well as looking at all of the pictures I got of Snowy. When he was more calm he said, “Well, at least I will always have pictures of her.”

So Eli, even if I didn’t get a picture of you and Great Grandma this weekend remember this – she loves you more than you’ll ever know. I hope you also remember the balloon-filled party room overflowing with love for an amazing woman we don’t see nearly enough. And whenever you think of your first snow, I hope you remember our magical trip to Seattle to celebrate our Queen of Hearts.


Great Grandma and Eli first meet (2009)

Great Grandma and Eli first meet (2009)

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