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August 23, 2015
by Sarah

Baseball Brothers

Last year he patiently waited on the sidelines – cheering on his brother. This year Fin couldn’t wait to join Eli on the field for his first year of baseball.


They hit.




Met some amazing coaches and teammates and got to be arm circle experts. (Ask Fin to warm up. He’s eager to share his technique.)



Got covered with dirt. Fielded lots of balls.


And celebrated being Junior Giants teammates at Junior Giants Day. Fin participated in a baseball clinic and the pre-game parade around the stadium. Continue Reading →

August 12, 2015
by Sarah

There’s a grader in the house!

Big changes now that kindergarten is over and Eli is a grader.


No more pick up at the front door.  He’s got a room line.


He’s waited a whole year to finally be able to play on the grader playground.




And it’s now less than a year until this one joins him at school. Gulp.


Here’s to another year of lunch packing, Tuesday Nerf battles, friends and (hopefully) a decreasing number of lice exposure notices.




July 31, 2015
by Sarah

Time Capsule Goodbye

Today we said goodbye to our first house. It was our home for 14 years and the only home the boys have known. So after the boys made a video tour of the house, we decided to mark the occasion by making a time capsule and having Dad hide it deep inside the attic for a person who drives a flying car and has a robot maid to find it.

The boys documented the essentials for the finder of the time capsule. Eli wanted everyone to know that we had a roof rat in the attic and how he will miss climbing the fig tree and play dates with Owen at the house.


Fin likes cantaloupe and jumping on the bed.


What sorts of things are important to include? A ninja, a marble and an outdated family picture.


Drawings and homemade confetti.


They almost forgot a Nerf dart and some confetti that Fin found in the sandbox at school.


All set.



Although we might not live in our house anymore, we know the Northside will always be home. And now it’s time for the new adventures that await. Like having a pool!

June 17, 2015
by Sarah
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Ezra, Glitter Glue & Butterfly

He came rushing into the house yelling, “Mom! Mom! You have to come help me! A baby bird has fallen out of a tree!”

It was a tiny baby bird. No feathers. Smaller than the palm of my hand. Meekly trying to move his frail body. Repeatedly opening his beak to eke out a soundless cry. I could tell he wasn’t going to make it.

Eli is hysterically crying at this point. “We have to help him! What are we going to do?! We have to help him!”

Fin is calmly taking it all in. He says, “There’s another one over here.” He points to a lifeless baby bird about a foot away. He asks, “Is he dead?” I nod.

Eli screams, “There’s another one!” A third bird is nearby. “They were peaking out at me a little bit ago from that nest up there and when I came back outside I found that bird on the ground,” he sobs, “Mom, what are we going to do?”


“Let’s go inside and figure out what to do,” I suggest.

I grab Eli’s hand and he sits in my lap as we read about bird rescue on the computer. I hold him as I explain that I don’t think the third bird is going to make it. He’s too hurt to live. He tells me he doesn’t want to go back outside. But then he does. And we find the third bird has died.

With tears streaming down his face Eli says, “I’m so sad for those birds. They had such a short life. I wish life wasn’t like that.”

I talk to them about finding a box to decorate so we can bury the birds in the backyard. Fin turns on Bird Note while they decorate the box. They name the birds Ezra, Glitter Glue and Butterfly.



We bury the birds. The tears come again. I ask Eli if he learned any bird songs at school that he wants to sing. He wants to sing the Cuckoo one but can’t remember the words. We settle on Happy Birthday since Eli said they were only a couple days old.

Goodbye, Ezra, Glitter Glue and Butterfly. We didn’t know you long but we will never forget you.




June 4, 2015
by Sarah


As I looked in my rear view mirror at the three kindergarteners sitting across my backseat, I couldn’t help but smile. These usually crazy, sometimes smelly but always amusing boys were an endless source of entertainment this past year.


Carpooler 2: I’m going to get some metal and cut it to make a sword.

Carpooler 3: You shouldn’t do that. You’ll get arrested.

Carpooler 1: Ya, double arrested.

Carpooler 3: Or triple arrested.

Carpooler 1: And they don’t feed you in jail.

Carpooler 3: Yes they do!

Carpooler 2: I could just ask the police officer what’s for breakfast. “Hey, police officer, what’s for breakfast?” “Pancakes? Oh, that’s great!”

Carpooler 1: They don’t have pancakes in jail.

Carpooler 2: Yeah, they don’t have dessert either.


Carpooler 2: Do you know what I did in Minecraft?


Carpooler 1: I just farted.



Clean jokes lead to butt jokes 100% of the time:

Q: What’s the last thing you take off before you go to bed?

A: You’re feet off the floor!

Q: What happens when you put ice in someone’s butt?

A: You get a cold butt.

(Uproarious laughter.)



Carpooler 3: Do you know what I did in Minecraft?


Carpooler 1: I just farted.


One whole car ride consisted of air guitar sounds and farting noises. (But no actual farting.)

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May 30, 2015
by Sarah

The Missing Tooth Club

It was that kind of squeal. The kind you don’t hear very often but you know when you hear it that something huge has happened.

“Mom! MOM!!!  I LOST MY TOOTH!!!!”


He was euphoric. He’d been waiting so long for this to happen. Our dentist told him he’d probably not lose his first tooth until 1st grade. For the first 6 months of school, he pretended to have a loose tooth because all of his classmates were losing their teeth.

Then about a month ago, Sharkboy started complaining about his tooth hurting. We discovered that his permanent tooth was coming in directly behind his ever-so-slightly-loose baby tooth. So I used this loose tooth opportunity to ask if I could take his favorite and first Star Wars shirt – the one that was two sizes too small, completely stained and ripped yet regularly worn and coveted – and turn part of it into a tooth pillow.  He obliged. And then waited for this day to come.


“Mama, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. My tooth!”

As I looked at his ecstatic face and bloody mouth, all of his major life milestones flashed before my eyes. I couldn’t believe he was old enough to lose his first tooth. “So, how’d it come out?” I asked.  “Oh, I was trying to get through this hole and I fell and hit my face on the couch. I thought, ‘Oh no, I lost my tooth and can’t find it. I’m going to have to write that tooth paper.’ But then I found it.” (The “tooth paper” is a lost tooth affidavit that’s used in the event the tooth is lost and can’t be turned into the tooth fairy for money. Oh, the things dads tell their children.) Continue Reading →

May 27, 2015
by Sarah

Playing Tourist

What do you do when:

a. Dad and Eli have a 3 day weekend

b. Fin gets a new Razor scooter

c. Uncle Matt and Aunt Melissa go to Hawaii and their house is available to “camp” in?

Play tourist in the Monterey Bay area!

We picnicked at Dennis the Menace Park.



Rolled at the skate park. (Or contemplated what life would be like once you can keep up with Eli.)




Paddled and stalked small creatures on our first family paddle boat ride.




And after an overnight in Carmel Valley, we headed to the beach. The boys could have cared less that it was overcast and sprinkling. They wouldn’t have cared to miss the playground, the paddle boat ride, the lollipops or the patriotic doughnuts.

They just wanted the beach.

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April 18, 2015
by Sarah

The Ultimate Playground

Our journey to Berkeley started on Friday when we set up camp at Anthony Chabot Regional Park in Castro Valley.

Dad pitched the tent while we made fairy and bug houses for the littlest critters sharing the campground with us.






We went for a “hike.” (Translation: We walked about .25 miles while the boys constantly asked when it was time to go back to camp.)



The boys tried out their new Nerf guns. (Household Nerf gun tally as of current date: 8)



And tried to capture bugs in the setting sun.


The next day I awoke to the sound of wild turkeys. Then a not so wild turkey started making noises in our tent. Since we were probably the first ones up at the campground we wrote a story as Dad took down camp.



And found more bugs to leave in the bug houses.



And finally – it was time for Adventure Playground. I’ve been waiting so many years to take them.


There are only two playgrounds like it left in the United States.  It’s been written up in publications like Newsweek, National Geographic and the Boston Globe as one of the top play spaces in the nation. And it didn’t disappoint.



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April 5, 2015
by Sarah

The First of the Lasts

The house is sold. And so begins the regular celebrations of the “lasts” we will experience in our home of almost 14 years. Easter is the last major holiday we will celebrate here.

I will never forget…

Eli hard boiling the Easter eggs for the first time.


Dying them with food coloring and oil to make marbled eggs.  And Fin’s solar system egg.




The boys preparing their first Easter egg hunt for cousin Tyler.





The last holiday Nerf gun/flashlight battle on the stairs.



The last Easter egg hunt in the yard.




Cousins playing.



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March 15, 2015
by Sarah
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Mr. Lucky

Eli has a knack for finding money. This is nothing new.  But when he found $200 on the ground near school we were all in shock.


When we talked about trying to find the owner and why, he wasn’t happy. He had dreams of buying 200 items that cost $1 each. And a Nerf gun.  So he (grudgingly) dictated, signed and delivered a note to the school secretary.


Meanwhile, he was now dreaming about a party.

Eli: I want to get a bouncy house. How much does that cost?

Dad: $85

Eli: Oh good, I have enough!  And a hot dog cart. And some party favors for my friends.

Dad: You’re going to need a lot more money than $200.

Eli: Oh. Well…maybe if I get some stuff that costs $1.

That week, we talked about losing money and finding money, what things could be done with the money and did every possible math problem with every combination of bills to equal $200.  It was a hard wait. Continue Reading →