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Post 11: Trucks are for painting


I love that my boys love doing art projects. I think a lot about ways I can present art or crafts to them that are “boy-friendly” as I’ve talked to a number of moms of boys who avoid these types of activities almost completely.  They’ve said their boys can’t sit still long enough to do it or don’t have an interest in it or it ends up being so messy that it’s no fun for mom.  I get that.  There are plenty of times my boys aren’t into art projects or I’m not ready to deal with the repercussions of a paint explosion all over my dining room and children.  As much as my boys do love to draw, sticker and paint at the table they are probably most happy doing art while moving. Stereotype or not boys like to move – especially mine.  They are also intrigued by how things work. So the other day when I was looking at the pretty pile of chalk niblets – yes, that’s a technical term – I got an idea. Let’s make chalk paint. Together.

First we had to crush some chalk.

ME: Hey boys, want to make some chalk paint?

BOYS: Yeah!

ME: Well, we have to crush the chalk first.  How are we going to do that? (Silence.) What about those dump trucks over there?


Yeah, that technique didn’t work so well but it sure was fun. The next day we decided to try crushing it in a plastic bag with a meat tenderizer. They had just as much fun. And this is what we got. Ooo, pretty.We mixed it with a little bit of water and – voila! – chalk water. They could have cared less that it was more like chunky, colored water. They made paint. And they were proud. It only took 3 minutes for a paint brush to fly through the air.And when we got tired of that we tried to find other things in the yard that were ok to paint.And then Fin moved onto leaves.And then they were done.  They wanted to run through Birdberry Forest.  I wanted to take pictures of them doing it.  Eli negotiated the photo session by saying I could take pictures only if I would play tag with them after.  Did I mention that his preschool teacher commented that he attempts to negotiate everything at preschool? Glad he’s an equal opportunity negotiator. So here’s what I got in 20 seconds before it was time to chase.You’re it!

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