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Post 17: Let me tell you why I love you


Eli has been having a hard time lately. He has new teachers at school and misses Teacher Ashley (Tutu Muffin Smasher) from last semester. Friendships are getting more complicated and he’s having a hard time accepting that all of his friends will be going to kindergarten this year. It’s tough being 4 years old. How do I let him work through it so he can learn but be there as a support structure?  Remind him why I love being his mom.  Valentine’s Day would be the day.

He was looking forward to Valentine’s Day so I suggested we make bookmarks for his classmates. I saw this fun project on Pinterest and then a different craft about bookmarks sparked the idea.  They love anything involving shaving cream.  Spread shaving cream along a cookie sheet. Drop color.  Swirl with a skewer.  Put down paper.  Peel it off. Try not to make a huge mess trying to scrape off the shaving cream. Really messy but very fun.

Then we cut up the paper to make the bookmarks.  Fin loved working the paper cutter.  Eli not so much.  Fin loved gluing the hearts on the bookmarks.  Eli not so much.  He did one or two and then he wanted to play.  Fin eagerly glued almost all the rest!

Eli was back in the game for the hole punching and proceeded to hole punch any paper he could find for probably 20 minutes straight.  He and Fin kept repeating our mantra, “Ok, ready – punch!” Fin was obsessed with cutting raffia.  Which was perfect because I was able to tie the tops of the bookmarks while we “crafted” together each doing our own thing.  And then they were done!

Do you see Eli popping a wheelie with Fin in the car in the background?  They played magically and happily the rest of that afternoon. I’m still pinching myself.

When Eli woke up on Valentine’s Day I told him that today I wanted to show him many of the reasons I love him.  Every hour he would pick an envelope from the Valentine’s Day basket.

Here are some of the contents:

After preschool, he was suddenly reminded that holidays = candy.  He thought my valentines were nice but he was more interested in smelling his treat bag from school. Luckily I had made envelopes with pictures for Fin as he was the one interested in opening them and checking himself out.  The one that moved Eli?  A picture of Nori, our cat, when he was a kitten where he exclaimed, “Oh, Nori is sooooooo cute!” Insert little kid cute noises here.

Since I know that food is the way to a man’s boy’s heart, we baked our favorite almost-healthy-for-you brownies. Eli is getting really good at stirring competently and keeping the contents inside the bowl!

We decorated the brownies with a little more honey and chocolate chips.

So was Eli feeling any better at the end of this school week and after my attempt to bolster his confidence?  I think so.  But it had nothing to do with my Valentine’s Day plans.  He’s found a new Teacher Ashley and her name is Teacher Anna. And he is silly, goofy in love.

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