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Post 2: Our winter (tantrum) garden


Because what multi-step, semi-involved project doesn’t involve at least one tantrum?  Hopefully from the toddler in the group. Luckily they were both little – the garden set-up and the tantrum.

Last weekend we planted our first winter garden.  This might not seem like a big deal for most but for this non-yardwork loving girl having both a summer garden and winter garden is a milestone.  My parents are probably falling out of their chairs right now.  So is my husband. But, yet again, I’ve found pleasure and excitement in something I previously had not now that I have two curious little ones.  I want them to know where food comes from.  I want them to eat real, whole food.  I want them to know how to grow food.  I want them to know that carrots aren’t two inches long and skinless with rounded off corners. And not to mention the fact that my picky vegetable eaters now suddenly think many vegetables eaten straight off the land are super delicious. Mouth-full-of-peas-so-you-can’t-talk delicious. I’ll take that.  So here it is – the story of how our winter garden came to be.

Planting the seeds went great. We planted white icicle radishes, carnival carrots and Alaskan peas.  Total fascination for all of about 5 minutes.  Then the kids decided running around screaming was way more fun.

Eli decided gloves like dad would help focus him.  (“Can you focus on mom while I focus on Fin?”)

What’s this?  Dad made a pea trellis out of our left over deck materials?  I must check it out.  And climb on it and break it within 5 minutes.

Never plant a garden without your cell phone.  You never know when you might need to take a picture.

The next day the boys helped me make plant markers.  Little did I know someone had developed quite an attachment to his.

After multiple hugs and duplicate “markers” made – the world was saved.  Then we used them to bang on our banging cans.

And had a parade with them.  (“Mom, you can’t march.”)

And now we wait.  Water, wait and hope the tantrum doesn’t germinate.  And be thankful for a husband with a green thumb and patience for his wife and her projects.


  1. Love it! Especially the banging cans. I feel inspired to make those for my boys. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG Sarah, I love this! Your project and your blog. I want to be one of your kids. You are too much fun! And, I need banging cans, too.

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