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The 10 Minute Ninja Costume


Can I just say how grateful I am that my boys chose to be ninjas this year?  This was the year I needed a quick and easy costume making session and to let go of details like perfect ninja shoes.

And because this is the tutorial I tried to find but couldn’t – here it is for you!

Step 1:  Identify some ninja loving children and task them with grabbing black pants and two (plain) black long-sleeved shirts from their drawers. (Or head to Savers like I did to fill in any missing wardrobe pieces.)

Step 2: Find a person with a lot of love to give and take one of their plain t-shirts. Or let your kids go wild in the XXL men’s t-shirt section at Savers.  I chose to use t-shirts fabric for the accent pieces because I knew they wouldn’t fray.

Step 3: Get cutting. You will need 6 strips for accent pieces: one for the head, one for the waist, two for the arms and two for the legs.


Here’s what I learned while making my yellow ninja. It’s best to cut from the bottom of the shirt, up over the seam at the top and back down the back of the shirt. (So it’s one long continuous piece.) Unless you’re making a baby ninja, the length of one side of the shirt (from top to bottom) was barely enough to wrap around my 3-year-old like I wanted to. So, make 6 long strips and once they are on your ninja trim up the length.

Here’s me doing just that for my green (larger) ninja after making all the mistakes perfecting my technique with my yellow ninja.


I made the strips roughly 1.5-2″ wide.  Note that they will naturally curl after you cut them so if you want them wider, then plan accordingly.


Here’s the end result after all the cutting (and trimming for proper length on my ninjas):


Step 4: Watch this adorable video about how to turn a plain t-shirt into a ninja mask.

Step 5: Make (or buy) some fun ninja accessories like a ninja star, staff or nunchucks.

Step 6: Get your ninjas ready for action.


And then patiently wait. Because four days until Halloween seems like an eternity when you’re a 3-year-old or a 5-year-old.

Want to see more of the ninjas in action?  Click here!

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