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The Missing Tooth Club


It was that kind of squeal. The kind you don’t hear very often but you know when you hear it that something huge has happened.

“Mom! MOM!!!  I LOST MY TOOTH!!!!”


He was euphoric. He’d been waiting so long for this to happen. Our dentist told him he’d probably not lose his first tooth until 1st grade. For the first 6 months of school, he pretended to have a loose tooth because all of his classmates were losing their teeth.

Then about a month ago, Sharkboy started complaining about his tooth hurting. We discovered that his permanent tooth was coming in directly behind his ever-so-slightly-loose baby tooth. So I used this loose tooth opportunity to ask if I could take his favorite and first Star Wars shirt – the one that was two sizes too small, completely stained and ripped yet regularly worn and coveted – and turn part of it into a tooth pillow.  He obliged. And then waited for this day to come.


“Mama, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. My tooth!”

As I looked at his ecstatic face and bloody mouth, all of his major life milestones flashed before my eyes. I couldn’t believe he was old enough to lose his first tooth. “So, how’d it come out?” I asked.  “Oh, I was trying to get through this hole and I fell and hit my face on the couch. I thought, ‘Oh no, I lost my tooth and can’t find it. I’m going to have to write that tooth paper.’ But then I found it.” (The “tooth paper” is a lost tooth affidavit that’s used in the event the tooth is lost and can’t be turned into the tooth fairy for money. Oh, the things dads tell their children.)

There were many questions:

Are there boy and girl tooth fairies?

Is the tooth fairy always watching over me? (As he looks up to the sky.)

There was also the desire to go to bed at 6:30pm so the tooth fairy would come sooner.

But eventually it was bedtime and he carefully tucked the tooth under his pillow.


At 4:30am, Eli woke up for the day and announced to the world that the tooth fairy had come. Eli and Fin also grilled me when I came downstairs and claimed I was the tooth fairy. “Why is there glitter on my bed?! YOU have glitter!  You’re the tooth fairy! Tell me, Mom. Are you the tooth fairy? You’re the tooth fairy. I can tell by the look in your eyes that you are the tooth fairy!” Ok then, no glitter money from the tooth fairy moving forward.


But what’s even better than losing your first tooth? Losing your tooth the night before the school carnival so you don’t have to wait until Monday to tell all your friends.



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