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Post 3: The rockin’ Pacific Island feast


It all started out so perfectly yesterday.  We bought a pile of books at the library book sale and the woman checking us out gave Eli a tiny globe.  Guess where we are going tonight?  The Pacific Islands.

Our feast tradition started over a year ago when we discovered that the Lewis family also love experimenting in the kitchen and eating fun, new foods.  Luckily they also have an exuberant preschooler (Owen) so they are armed to handle potty table talk (“This tastes poopy!”), staggeringly loud squealing and general kid (clothing optional) chaos. We’ve had almost half a dozen feasts and we’ve traveled the world.  We went to Morocco for our last feast and one kid called it our “rockin’ feast” not a “Moroccan feast” so now they are all rockin’ feasts.

What’s a feast without a special drink?  The Lava Flow!  Special mocktails for the 4 and under crowd as well.

While dinner prep continued the boys played in the not so tropical sand.

Then we feasted on Papua New Guinean Bugandi Egg-Drop Soup, Kahlua pork, Fijian Kokoda and macadamia nuts.

The boys ate a little fish, some bites of pork and then decided that the highly authentic Island-inspired bagels and cream cheese was a better idea.  Of course, there’s always room for dessert which included papaya bread and grilled pineapple.

After a delicious meal, it was time for the boys to burn off all that sugar by running around with glow-stick balloons.  Apologies for my less than stellar photography skills.  They were really cool.

My fingers are crossed that it doesn’t take another 3 months for us to set our next feast date.  The plotting has begun.


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