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Upcycling cardboard: Millenium Falcons that go!

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I wanted to make cardboard box Starfighters for our Star Wars double birthday party. But stationary wouldn’t do it. I wanted them to go. I remembered a fantastic post about putting caster wheels on cardboard boxes and got a few tips from the author. Combine that with an able and supportive husband with power tools and we were on our way.


As you can see we abandoned the Starfighter and decided the Millenium Falcon would be easier. I also realized that after I used about 32 pencil erasers sketching the Millenium Falcon that I drew the “cockpit” on the wrong side. Whoops!  Sorry, Han.

This fantastic post gives great tips about how to build your cardboard box with wheels. We followed many of the instructions there and then altered them based on the materials we had and the needs of our Millenium Falcons.

Here we go:

Get your materials.  We got the apple boxes at Costco and the casters, screws and nuts at Harbor Freight.



Drill holes and assemble the wheels, screws and nuts.



Realize you have a bit of a problem.  I hope you can skip this step. (The screws are too long and won’t allow the wheel to swivel.)


Be thankful your husband is kind of eager to get out the Sawzall and fix the problem because, man, sketching out that Millenium Falcon isn’t going to be as easy as you thought.

Get out your materials including 5 million erasers.


Slice open your refrigerator box down the length of one side.


Use your box as a template for size and sketch away! (NOTE: Think about where the kid will get in and out of the box. You don’t want to surround all sides.)


Our plan was to make two Millenium Falcons and to glue two cut outs together to increase stability.  So get cuttin’!  Thankfully now you have a template.


Using the wheeled box as a guide, cut out the middle of one Millenium Falcon so it’s no longer covering the “seat” of the box.  Take another Millenium Falcon and cut and score it so you can fold down the sides inside the box on wheels. Hot glue the first Millenium Falcon cut-out onto the second Millenium Falcon cut-out. Once dry, hot glue that piece onto the wheeled box.  Add additional support, if desired.




Ta-da!  Ready to roll.


Grab Luke Skywalker and have Grandma take him for a spin!


Check out the rest of the fun at our Star Wars birthday party!

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